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Sportif Huskies - Sharing Experiences

Sportif Huskies FC are a senior boys team supported by Sportif Youth. In this blog, we bring to you the experiences of some of the Huskies. Sportif Youth is glad to help the boys continue to train and bond with fellow players under the strict guidance of Coach Taufek.

Coach Taufek

I have been coaching since 2003. Having a strong passion towards Football, I wish to see the younger generations who shares the same interest to excel in the sport. I believe that Football is not only a hobby where people plays for leisure. It is also a place for youths to discover their skills and talents while leading a healthy lifestyle. Besides giving the players a good platform to interact it also inculcate good values within them in terms of teamwork, discipline, determination and much more. In 2007, I attained the AFC 'C' License Coaching Certificate. The following year, I was certified the Level 1 NCAP Theory Course and National Registry of Coaches under the Singapore Sports Council. I am also certified under the FIFA/Olympic Solidarity Coaching in the same year. My latest certification is AFC 'B' License Coaching Certificate which I obtained in 2011. Throughout the years, I've been coaching corporate Football clubs, primary schools and secondary schools Football CCA and also local Football club. I've coached namely the Police Coast Guard, Sengkang Secondary School, Choa Chu Kang Primary School, Balestier Khalsa Football Club for the under 14 category and more. As a coach, I am extremely pleased when my trainees headed my advices on the pitch. I am also very proud of the achievements my trainees had achieved throughout my coaching period. A few of the awards worth mentioning are Champions for the Inter Police Division, 2nd placing for North Zone And Nationals Schools Inter school 'C' division (Sengkang Secondary School) together with a Team Fair Play Award (Balestier Khalsa U-14). Currently I'm coaching the senior team Sportif Huskies Football Club under the purview of the main organization Sportif Youth. Hoping to play in the bigger league like the Island Wide League under FAS.


When I was young, soccer is one of the sport I hated the most. Until one day, i started to expose myself to play soccer with a group of secondary school friends. I have always been the goalkeeper. One day, I met Mr Tan, a very senior soccer coach and he asked me to join him because he was opening an academy which is located at the field around my neighbourhood. We started of with less than 10 players under the guidance of coach Mat Nor. I was told that there will be a goalkeeper coach for me to improve my skills in goalkeeping.Hence, i was introduced to coach Taufek. Under his guidance i was able to perform during my game. After a year of intensive training under him, I was recommended to join the Young Lions under Mr Tan and coach Lee Bee Seng told me that he will get me prepared for under 23 Sea Games which was back then when i was 17, but i turned down the offer because i was told to quit school in order to join them as my school ends at 6pm for every training session. I was comfortable training under coach Taufek because i realised that there's some improvement in me. I was given a lot of opportunities under his guidance and won a few medals. I like his training style because he correct our mistakes immediately. He's always positive towards our weaknesses and boost up our strength. Hence, it was truly a great honour to be part of Sportif Youth,

Sportif Youth has given us numerous avenues to take part in community events and allow us to make a positive impact in the society we live in. Thank u coach Taufek and Sportif Youth for your guidance and opportunities. Looking forward to more trainings and matches to come.


I started playing Football in primary school. I wasn't good at it, however, it does not stop me from playing. I always motivate myself to be better. All the trainings and practices that I commit myself to finally comes to a fruition when i was chosen to represent my school's football team during my primary and secondary school days. Wei Jun offered me to play for his club when saw me leisurely played football at a street soccer court around Woodlands. I accepted the offer and I could still vividly remember my first training with Wei Jun. It was tough but I enjoyed it. Coach is serious about trainings, he taught us the basic skills and the tactics, for example; how to to switch, counter attack and more. He is stern at the pitch while coaching but I know he wanted us to deliver our best at all times. While off pitch Coach is an easy going man with a warm character. What makes the club special is that Coach's positive traits are contagious and it infects the players making it easier to build bonds and work as a team. In terms of preparing for matches, the team will usually prepare at least a week in advance in terms of extra trainings and mentality to ensure a 100% readiness from every players when the big day arrives. During matches, focus and teamwork is important besides putting into actions what coach had taught us. The club has been progressing well and we have won more than average. We also manage to secure a spot in the finals a couple of times. I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of this club as it nurtured me to be a better footballer. It is also a good platform for young aspiring footballers.


I started playing football when I was in secondary sch. When I was in sec 1 I didn't get selected for the Sch team. Despite not representing the team, I put in extra effort to improve on my football skills and the following year I managed to represent my Sch.

After school I was not able to play football regularly. Weijun introduced me to join Sportif Youth and I accepted it. On the first day of training I find it tiring because after so long of not playing football and I am glad that I am training with this team bcos we have a proper training and experience coach to guide and improve us on our strength and weaknesses. After much training, scolding and shouting I still don't improve on my performance but I still glad that coach Taufek has selected me to play for this team. And I looking forward to see our team in the final for cup game and top three in the league.


I started playing football when i was in primary school and got into the school team. I didn't have the basic touches of the ball because back then it was just a sports to enjoy with my friends. I met Coach Taufek when i was in Sengkang Sec. He was my coach during the C divison boys. He is the one that thought me the basic touches and skills of the ball, tell me to challenge for the ball and not to be scared of the opponents. His training was tough and he knows what are our weaknesses and mistake that we always do inside the pitch. Coach Taufek is the one that introduce me to join his academy which is Fusion football sch but now they change it to Sportif Huskies fc. I met a lot of good players in this club. It was a good experience for me to join this club as i won a few medals during our competitions. One thing i like about this club is that we bond easily together. 7 years till now I am in this team and it's been a great pleasure to be part of it. I choose to stay in this club because i believe that Sportif Huskies can go far if we work together and never give up. Lastly, i would like to thank Coach Taufek for helping me to become a better footballer.

Abdul Rauff

Hi. I'm Abdul Rauff. I started playing soccer since I was in primary 3, from there I am chasing my dream of being a good footballer When I was in Primary 4, HDB void decks were the training grounds for me. At that time my friend and I were playing soccer and suddenly an old man looked at us, My friends and I stop kicking the ball and some of my friends ran away. Suddenly this man named Mr Tan walked towards me, I was thinking he was going to scold me for playing at the void deck. Instead he offered me to play in his team and that is Singapore Chinese Football Club ( SCFC ). Later on, I was trained by coach Taufek. I have also trained with Woodlands Wellington Football Club and Balestier Khalsa Football Club. Coach Taufek has a great ability to know where his players are. When National Service call me to serve the Nation I called up Coach Taufek to let him know that there no other team I would like to be associated with than his team. Then Coach Taufek replied "jangan lupa kampong " that means don't ever forget where you started. There are lots of tournaments and cups challenge tournaments we have joined and won some of the cups, those were memories that will never be forgotten. Training wise, its been tough with my teammates and we have overcome the initial pains. I am glad that we have our own training ground provided by Sportif Youth. I would like to thank Coach Taufek for bringing me back to the team.


I started to play soccer since secondary school and I managed to play for SAF Warriors, COE U16, 18 and also Prime League for Tanjong Pagar United and Balestier United. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to the bigger league like the S League due to my NS commitment.. During my NS time I was posted to police coast guard and there is where I met Coach Taufek. He introduced me to this team where i can start to train again. I did enjoy playing for this team although its only one year. In this team I managed to make a lot of new friends too and share my game experiences with other players. While I'm under coach Taufek, I have learned a lot of things in and out of soccer aspects. Something different that my previous club or team had before. In this team, we learned to bond more than just playing soccer. We also involve in community activities organised by Sportif Youth. Currently we are playing on weekends league as to prepare ourselves for future bigger league which is Island Wide league 2017.. I hoped I can help him and the team by playing well. Thanks coach Taufek for this opportunity given.. Cheers!!!


I started playing football when I was Sec 1. I was lousy back then and coach Taufek is the one that groomed me to be a better footballer. I played goalkeeper when I was in secondary school. Training with coach is tough. But at the end of the day we all joke and laugh together with him. The sentence that i really cant forget is "better get strike by lightning rather than get hit by my back hand". I started playing and training with Fusion when i was Sec 2. I went for the training once or twice only. I'm happy that he called me back to play for his team. Sportif Huskies is a good club with a lot of good players. Experienced players. As the match goes on, we will get to know each other more. Since we are busy with training and stuff, the only time to bond is when we are having a match. Coach always say, "a draw is still a lose to me, even a win is still lose to me if you guys don't work as a team". Lastly, i want to thank coach Taufek for giving me a chance to play under him once again.

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