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How can you help?


You can donate from $500 or more to help Sportif Youth organise tournaments and sports carnivals. Please look out for our our new programs in our website and Facebook page.  


With $3,000, you can sponsor a leadership workshop for 50 youth.

With $5,000, you can sponsor the registration fees of 200 youths of Sportif Youth's Youth Soccer Program.


With $15,000, Sportif Youth can help kickstart a new sports outreach program like Silat, Floor Ball, Net Ball or Basket Ball in 2016 for a group of 40 youth for a year, inclusive of coaching and facilities booking.


With $50,000, Sportif Youth can reach out to 200 youths for a year for its Youth soccer program, complete with coaches, booking of facilities and refreshments.


Sportif Youth works with CARE Singapore, Fei Yue Community Services, neighbourhood sports groups to enbale youths to excel through sports.


Through our Charity sponsors, you’ll even enjoy significant tax breaks. Indicate your interest through


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