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Key Objectives of Sportif Youth

SPORTIF YOUTH will reach out to the youth, especially the less fortunate through our sports outreach efforts and initiatives. Sport is a great leveler and has much potential to bring people together. Sport builds tolerance, unity & understanding and love among people.

  • Youth are able to join SPORTIF YOUTH as participants. SPORTIF YOUTH will mentor and train youth interested in sports like Soccer (More sports will be included in due course) with the help of volunteer trainers and coaches.SPORTIF YOUTH will arrange sport training camps and workshops for the youth. Targeted youth mostly will be from northern part of Singapore.

  • SPORTIF YOUTH Web Portal will be the home base for interactions among different sports groups. Youth will register and login to the various sports interest groups registered under SPORTIF YOUTH, create a vibrant online community, blogs by youth and Singapore sportspersons on various sports events. The youth will get information of tournaments, training programs, educational workshops organized by SPORTIF YOUTH.

  • SPORTIF YOUTH will partner with government sports agencies like SPORT Singapore to obtain training facilities for the youth sports groups. SPORTIF YOUTH will work with Community Sports Clubs, schools and other NGO’s and VWO’s that promote sports.

  • SPORTIF YOUTH will work closely with parents of the youth to garner support for our programs for the youth.

  • SPORTIF YOUTH will motivate and inspire youth to transform and empower communities and encourage active healthy living.

  • SPORTIF YOUTH will organise Soccer and other sports tournaments locally and at national level every year to garner more youth support.

  • Sportif Youth will counsel the youth to take up educational courses, tuitions that will help them in their studies and their careers in the long run.

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