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Youth Soccer Program


  • Sportif Youth aims to reach out to youth through sports. Special emphasis will be placed on youth coming from low income backgrounds, and youths at risk.

  • This specific project, the Youth Soccer Program aims to reach out to youth through soccer. Other sports will be added in years to come. Through soccer, Sportif Youth aims to mold the youths through discipline and character development. 

  • Sportif Youth will also work with VWO's and other NGO's. Sportif Youth will also work with Community Sports Clubs, Schools.

  • Youth to be trained by coaches and parent volunteers.

  • The youths will be monitored by the parent volunteers and coaches. House visits will be carried out to explain to the parents about their son’s or daughter’s participation in the soccer training. The coaches and parent volunteers will be constant touch with the youth. The youth will be able to get support and advice from them. 

  • Sportif Youth will counsel the youth to take up educational courses that will help them in their future careers and will fund these courses. Sportif Youth will work with existing VWO's who are in the forefront in helping out in educational sector.

  • Sportif Youth will also engage well known soccer coaches to organize camps and soccer clinics twice a year.

  • All the youth participants will be linked up in a new media linked website where they will be able to get information about the various tournaments and events that they are required to participate and share about the events they are organizing themselves. 

  • Youths will be sent out to centres offering team and leadership building activities. Our aim is to create resilient, discerning and active citizens.

  • Youths will be asked to collaborate with other organisations like VWO’s or Government agencies as leaders and volunteers. For example, they can help out in big Singapore sports events in various capacities.

  • After a year’s stint with Sportif Youth, the youth will be assessed on how they have changed. Interviews will be conducted with their parents, coaches and even school teachers to understand if there are changes in the youth. Measuring outcomes will be an integral part of Sportif Youth’s mission and it will be an ongoing process. Sportif Youth needs such data to make sure that its projects have their desired effects. Sportif Youth is answerable to its donors and well-wishers.

  • (Sportif Youth Youth Soccer Program has evolved to Kallang Sportif Fuskies FC and now playing in the Island Wide League. It has become a separate entity and will continue the mission of Sportif Youth.

  • U19, 23 teams are currently practicing. To know more visit

  • The U14, U17 Youth Soccer program is now under Woodlands United Sports Academy. Sportif Youth will facilitate the program under the new sports academy. 

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